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Miriam Jansen, SSND

Educational Excellence

A “voice of change” in education, Miriam Jansen, SSND, has offered ideas that challenge many to live into the “educational excellence” that Mother Theresa and Mother Caroline, foundresses of the School Sisters of Notre Dame exemplified.

She did her undergraduate work at Notre Dame College in St. Louis , Missouri and earned graduate degrees from Ball State University , Muncie , Indiana and Harvard University, Boston , Massachusetts .

A former teacher, educational administrator and superintendent of schools she currently has responsibility for international initiatives at the SSND College of Notre Dame of Maryland in Baltimore . Sister Miriam served as provincial leader of the St. Louis Province from 1979 - 1987.

For years Sister Miriam has pursued a personal interest in the educational vision and history of the SSND congregation. She has studied the sources and “tinkered around the edges” of this spirit filled story in an attempt to better understand how the past helps shape the future. Reflect with her on the educational vision that has given life and hope to the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

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