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Cosmic Walk

An appropriate way to pray the Spirit of the Universe Story is called the “Cosmic Walk." First devised by Miriam McGillis, O.P. cofounder of Genesis Farm, it has helped many understand the immensity and sacredness of the New Cosmology. She has given her permission to use it here. I am grateful to Marion Honors, CSJ, Story of the Universe, Copyright 2003, for letting us reproduce her illustrations relating to some of the great moments in the Universe Story. Miriam McGillis, OP, has written a narrative to accompany this ritual for use with groups and explains how to set up the ritual materials. This cooperation among “green sisters,” those whose mission is “telling the great story” of our universe, is evidence of a movement among women religious to live in a sustainable manner with Mother Earth. It is a flowering of the work of many people including Dorothy Olinger, SSND.


Below you will find thumbnail images of Marion Honors illustrations. To view, download and save the full size copy to your computer for printing, click on the image and the 300dpi PDF will open.

Cosmic Walk 1 Cosmic Walk 1 Cosmic Walk 2 Cosmic Walk 2 Cosmic Walk 3 Cosmic Walk 4
Cosmic Walk 5 Cosmic Walk 6 Cosmic Walk 7 Cosmic Walk 8
Cosmic Walk 9 Cosmic Walk 10 Cosmic Walk 11 Cosmic Walk 12
Cosmic Walk 13 Cosmic Walk 14 Cosmic walk 15 Cosmic Walk 16
Cosmic Walk 17 Cosmic walk 18 Cosmic Walk 19 Cosmic Walk 20
Cosmic Walk 21 Cosmic walk 22 Cosmic Walk 23  
Margaret Ellen Traxler
New York Times
Dorothy Olinger, SSND
Mary Ellen Dougherty, SSND
Mary Basil Roeser
Miriam Jansen, SSND
Benita Sohm
Sandra Spencer
Rita Schonhoff

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