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SHALOM and United Nations Non-Governmental Organization
Education for Positive Systemic Change


The School Sisters of Notre Dame follow a rule of life, “You Are Sent.” in which the call to justice is clearly stated. “A particular concern in all ministries is the establishment of a just society. a) We call ourselves and others to embody gospel values and to live the social teachings of the church. Working toward the enablement of persons and the promotion of human dignity, we contribute to positive systemic change in society…#33.”

Shalom Clubs have provided one way to educate in the social teachings of the church and working for positive systemic change in society. Carol Jean Dust, SSND, a parish religious education coordinator has provided guidelines for beginning a Shalom Club for grades 5-8. Jan Berberich, SSND, a high school Spanish teacher has offered another way to introduce a Shalom Club on a secondary level.

For any club to continue there needs to be enthusiastic leadership and committed members. View SHALOM in action. The background music is a Polish hymn honoring Blessed Antonina patroness of SHALOM.


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