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Scripture in Letters - Romans

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Romans 5:12-14 September 24, 1824

But have we not deserved suffering? Have we not all sinned in Adam, and with Adam?

p. 15 # 3 On Patience Retreat Notes

Romans 8:28 May 31, 1856

Everything is to our good if only we love Him.

p. 1325 Miss Fanny

Romans 8:28 c.1866

To those who love God all things work together unto good.

#4050 Entire Congregation

Romans 8:28 November 7, 1873

However, St. Paul assures us that the love of Christ will overcome everything. i.e. "We know that by turning everything to their good God cooperates with those who love him, with all those that he has called according to his promise."

#4870 Reverend Doctor and Senator


Romans 8:28 1878

The future lies before us, shrouded in darkness; only one star shines through the night; faith in the fatherly Providence of God. "which, to those who love him, will let all things turn out for the best."

#5330 To: S.Theodosia on her 25 th jubilee

Romans 8:31 June 15, 1856

But if the Lord is with us, no one shall be able to do anything against us.

#2178 Pastor Bernhard

Romans 8:31 December 10, 1863

And if God in his omnipotence and mercy be for us, who can then be against us?

#3614 Mother Caroline
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