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Scripture in Letters - Revelation

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Revelation 3:14-15 Sept. 23, 1824

Tepidity is. "a state of the soul which is not against God, but also is not for him. Such a soul has not determined whether it is for God and the things of God. It resembles water which is neither cold nor hot but is lukewarm.

p. 10-11, #3 On Tepidity Retreat Notes

Revelation 12:7 January 9, 1858

May you have many an opportunity to fight for right and justice as St. Michael, at the head of the angelic choir, once fought so gloriously against the rebel angels.

#2539 Reverend Braun

Revelation 12:11 September 24, 1824

Jesus revealed to St. John at Patmos that they who are blessed wash their garments in the blood of the Lamb.

p. 15, #3 On Patience Retreat Notes

Revelation 12:11 September 12, 1854

so that the redeemed will someday adore and thank their redeemer in heaven, through whose blood they have been saved, the Blood of the Lamb.

#2967 Bishop of Augsburg

Revelation 14:4 September 25, 1824

Virgin souls, the companions of Jesus and Mary follow wherever the Lamb goes singing the song no others can


Revelation 19:5-8 November 10, 1829

We shall rejoice in the holy company of apostles and martyrs, etc. whose deeds will shine in heaven, as through Jesus Christ, who has animated them, they stand before God in glory.

p. 28-9 "Heaven" Retreat Notes

Revelation 19:8 July 30, 1859

Therefore, rejoice always in the Lord.We are on our way to the marriage feast of the Lamb.

#2941 Postulants

Revelation 21:27 May 31, 1854

The Lord will write in the book of life the names of those who spread His kingdom on earth.

#1673 President of Suabia

Revelation 21:27 June 28, 1856

Each day will then produce a new record in the Book of Life.

#2182 Director at Weichs

Revelation 21:27 January 5, 1859

The sacrifice which you made, Reverend Father, is certainly recorded in the Book of Life.

#2791 Pastor of Geiselhoering

Revelation 22:20 October 4, 1823

When I come to die may my whole being cry out with St. John the Apostle, "Come, Lord Jesus!"

p. 7-8 Retreat Notes

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