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Scripture in Letters - Philipians

Each citation has the following:

  • Scripture Text Cited, Date of Letter or NA ( Not Available)
  • Text from Letter Itself
  • Number of Letter
  • Recipient of Letter

Philippians 1:6 August 4, 1854

He who began this work will, if He so pleases, see that it ripens to completion.

#1685 Reverend Anthony Schmitler

Philippians 1:6 June 30, 1856

The Lord, who has begun this work will also, if it be His Holy Will, bring about its completion.

#2184 Reverend Stadter

Philippians 2:7 September 10, 1831

Simply, modestly, and patiently, she accepts this suffering in the service of Him who emptied Himself for us.

p. 31-32 #12 Humility Retreat Notes


Philippians 2:8 September 10, 1831

He was obedient unto death.

p. 39-31 #12 Humility Retreat Notes

Philippians 2:9 NA

It is like oil poured out, honey to our mouth, sweet melody to our ear, balm and jubilation to the heart, a name above all names in which our salvation and bliss rest.

#4523 Novices of Gorizia

Philippians 2:12 September 23, 1824

The word of the great St. Paul remains true, "Work out your salvation in fear and trembling."

p. 11-12 Retreat Notes

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