Sturdy Roots

A Relationship Rooted in Cosmic Hope

Judith Best, SSND

Rooted in Cosmic Energy – Mary’s Role in My Life

I have often been moved to tears while sitting at my computer creating Sturdy Roots.

The courage of my sisters, their ability to dialogue in difficult situations, their good humor and resiliency – all have inspired me. Often a strong reliance on Mary, the Mother of God, had a major impact on their decisions. Peaceful solutions were followed by deep praise of Christ, celebrating their Magnificat moments.

Mary seems to enter individual situations, nurturing compassionate energy that bonds people in deep communion. In each instance she brings insight, courage, and a new perspective on what seemed an insurmountable challenge.

Reflecting on Mary’s role in my life has been like watching a lovely rosebud unfold, revealing a precious relationship. It is in this spirit that I share my Marian journey as a School Sister of Notre Dame singing a Magnificat of gratitude for my vocation.

Mother Theresa, SSND
Mother Caroline, SSND
Mother Almeda, SSND
German Marian Statutes
Mary, Mother of the Church
Janet Mikol
Marie Dolorette Farias, SSND
Sandra Spencer
Judith Best, SSND
Symbolism of the Vine

Marian Mosaic
Mary Maher, SSND
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