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Scripture in Letters - Matthew, 6 of 6:

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Matt. 19:13 November 19, 1859

For the love of the Lord who appeared on earth as a child and the friend of children, who blessed them and promised them the kingdom of heaven, who looks upon services to them as done to himself.

#2997 Rev. Dr. Barthomew Enders

Matt. 19:13 February 3, 1864

We shall try to justify your confidence in us by leading the children to Jesus that He may bless them.

#3633 Canon of Regensburg

Matt. 19:14 September 24, 1824

Jesus demands of all who wish to be his followers that they possess this most necessary foundation, that they become as little children.

p. 13-14 Retreat Notes

Matt. 19:14 November 25, 1857

Even though the beginning will be difficult, I say trustingly with our Lord, "Let the little ones come to me, because theirs is the kingdom of God."

#2502 Pastor Dobler

Matt. 19:29 September 8, 1874

that the divine spouse will never let us be outdone in generosity, but returns to us with hundredfold interest, what we have done for love of him with a pure intention

#4964 S. Mary Ambrosia

Matt 19:29 June 21, 1858

Our merciful and gracious Father will reward your Highness family a thousandfold here and in eternity, for what you are doing for the spread and furthering of the Catholic Faith. Please, do not tire. No one pays higher interest on that kind of capital than the limitlessly rich and good God, as all who have thus served Him can testify.

#2638 Baron von Beckendorf

Matt. 20:1 November 9, 1839

How we relish the thought even now of working beside you in the vineyard of the Lord.

#164 Pastor at Wolfratschausen

Matt. 20:1 April 15, 1871

you heard the invitation of the heavenly father, you responded with great zeal in order to qualify as useful laborers

#4554 Children of God (novices)

Matt. 20:16 September 10, 1831

The first shall be last should be her constant consideration

p. 32-33, #12 Humility Retreat Notes

Matt. 20:16 December 24, 1842

Many are called; few are chosen

#386 Reverend Father

Matt. 20:18 April 3, 1835

It strengthens our trust in God, so that, contrary perhaps to all human prudence, we plunge into the work in his vineyard until the end of journey, the end of the day

#33 Frederica Ringseis

Matt.20:22 NA

It is rather like the answer the Master gave to them, "You know not what you ask. Can you drink the chalice which I shall offer you?"

#44 Aspirant Dollinger

Matt. 21:18 December 31, 1870

The good God still lives in heaven. Without his will no hair falls from our heads.

#4517 Entire Congregation

Matt. 21:18 1872

Far from us to be terrified over this, rather, let us place our entire trust in God, without whose will not one hair falls from our heads.

#4760 All Houses

Matt. 21:41 Before 1859

faithfully following their vocation, otherwise, God will reject us, and choose others more worthy to work in his chosen vineyard.

#2784 & 2785 Entire Congregation

Matt. 23:27-28 July 29, 1841

a school which restricts itself only to instruction, resembles a decorated grave from which, even though outwardly adorned, nothing but corpses waltz out, who promptly poison.

#274 General Inspector-Toelz

Matt. 25:7-8 September 10, 1831

Am I prepared now for the great trip into eternity? Is my lamp burning and filled with the oil of good works in preparation for the coming of the Bridegroom?

p. 27 On Death Retreat Notes

Matt. 25:7 October 15, 1869

and as prudent virgins gather oil for our lamps, in preparation for the still greater treasure of heaven

#4380 S. Mary Richards

Matt. 25:7 July 14, 1871

Let us endure this short testing period, until we hear the summons, "The Bridegroom comes; up, away, hasten to meet him."

#4576 Candidate Marie

Matt. 25:7 April 5, 1876

I admonish you to use this time well, to fill your bridal lamp with oil and to adorn your bridal gown

#5148 Sister Eutropia


Matt. 25:10 November 15, 1877

Be honest and upright toward your novice directress, and be humble of heart; you will then receive the grace of God and your lamps will be filled when the divine bridegroom calls you to the eternal banquet.

#5304 Novices of Baltimore

Matt. 25:12-13 May 30, 1847

And will not Jesus, as the bridegroom said to the foolish virgins, say to these worldly sisters, "I do not know you," since such sisters apparently do not adhere to Jesus but to the world.

#714 * My dearly.

Matt. 25:21 September 10, 1831

He who is faithful in small things will also be faithful in those which are greater. So too, he who is not faithful in small things will scarcely ever be faithful in the pursuit of the greater.

p. 25-26 Retreat Notes

Matt. 25:21 May 30, 1847

A sister who with simplicity of heart has added to her one talent another one through faithful accomplishment of her required tasks in conformity with the daily order and with good intention, will occupy in heaven one of the first places; while another sister who has used her five talents as she pleased, without due consideration to obedience and the daily order, and who imagines she has gained much, will stand before God empty-handed.

#714 * My dearly beloved.

Matt. 25:23 April 3, 1863

Pay attention also to the Holy Rule, even in the smallest things.

#3537 Srs. Juliana, Augustina, Taciana

Matt. 25:29 September 23, 1824

Of him who has received much, much will be asked.

p. 11 Tepidity Retreat Notes

Matt. 25:31-46 September 10, 1831

Come, you blessed of my Father, unto the Kingdom. I was hungry and you gave me to eat.

p. 28 Retreat Notes

Matt. 25:34 May 30, 1847

Some day the Lord will say to them: "Come, you good and faithful servants"

#714 * My dearly beloved companion sisters in Jesus

Matt. 25:34 July 22, 1859
"Come, good and faithful servant, into the joy of the Lord"

#2935 Reverend Dean of Toelz

Matt. 25:34 August 23, 1873

At its end he must certainly have heard, "Come, you faithful servant."

#4852 Reverend Father

Matt. 25:35 November 16, 1836

God must glorify you and all our benefactors. You fed us when we were hungry, you give us drink when we are thirsty.

#71 Frederica von Ringseis

Matt. 25:40 May 30, 1847

Whatsoever we do to the least we do to Jesus Himself.

#714 * Dearly loved.

Matt. 25:40 December 8, 1850

Let us keep in mind the emphatic words of Our Lord, "What you have done to the least of my brethren, you have done unto me."

#949 Entire Congregation

Matt. 26:10 March 15, 1822

The Lord said of Mary Magdalen, "What she has done for me is one of the good works indeed, and all that she had she gave completely."

p. 1 Retreat Notes

Matt. 26:13 March 15, 1822

The love of Jesus sees into the future; Who thought of the approaching death of Jesus when he said, "When she poured this ointment on my body, she did it to prepare me for burial."

p. 1 Retreat Notes

Matt. 26:42 September 23, 1824
who in the agony of death called out, not my will but your will be done.

p. 9-10 Retreat Notes

Matt. 27:29 September 10, 1831

She will beg for the poorest clothing in remembrance of the purple cloak of mockery worn by Jesus.

p. 32-33, #12, Humility Retreat Notes

Matt. 28:18 May, 30, 1847

All power has been given to Him in heaven and on earth.

#714 * My dearly.

Matt. 28:18 April 5, 1857

May the Lord, to whom all power is given in heaven and on earth

#2386 Archbishop of Freiburg

Matt. 28:20 December 28, 1859

May God be with us! This is our consolation, that God rules the world, and that the Lord will not forsake His Church and those who hold fast to her.

#3001 Bishop of Temesvar
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