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Woman of the Word
Mother Theresa and the Use of Scripture in Her Letters

Scripture in Letters - Matthew, 5 of 6:

Each citation has the following:

  • Scripture Text Cited, Date of Letter or NA ( Not Available)
  • Text from Letter Itself
  • Number of Letter
  • Recipient of Letter

Matt. 13:31-32 November 25, 1857

May God in His mercy grant that in the near future your diocese may have a motherhouse, so that the mustard seed which lies in the earth of your diocese, may come to life.

#2505 Archbishop Hermann of Freiburg

Matt. 13:32 October 1, 1823

Patience with self in the slow growth of the kingdom of God within is necessary so that true devotion may increase. Self prefers rapid, observable progress, but the kingdom of God grows, says the Lord

p. 3 Retreat Notes

Matt. 13:38 November 25, 1854

Would that with God's grace the seed which the sisters sow in the hearts of the dear children may henceforth also germinate, sprout, and ripen, bearing fruit

#1791 Miss Fanny

Matt.13:44 NA

(He has chosen you.) into the religious state, paradise on earth, where that incomparable treasure is hidden in God's field.

#4523 Novices of Gorizia.

Matt. 13:44 c. 1876

.where incomparable treasures hidden in God's soil can be found

#5210 Children of God in Milwaukee

Matt. 14:26 September 25, 1824

If you desire Christ to be your master, you must follow him in word and example, abandoning self. Christ recommends his followers to hate their own lives for his sake, to leave father, mother, wife, children.

p. 16-17 Retreat Notes

Matt. 15:25 September 28, 1853

Like the Canaanite woman of the Gospel, I ask that you favor us until the affairs of the order are settled by the Holy See.

#1456 Bishop of Augsburg

Matt. 16:6 May 30, 1847

Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees

#714 * My dearly.

Matt. 16:18-19 March 6, 1861

The mighty of this world raise their arms in vain against her (Church) and they can achieve nothing, according to the word of the Lord, because his Church is built upon a rock and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.

#3238 All the Sisters

Matt. 16:18 c.1865

.and hold fast to his Church against which the gates of hell shall not prevail

#4405 Entire Congregation

Matt. 16:18 1870

Of this we are certain: that the Church built on a rock cannot perish

#4518 Entire Congregation


Matt. 16:24 September 24, 1824

Whoever wishes to follow me must take up his cross daily.

# 3, On Patience Retreat Notes

Matt. 16:24 1835 or 1836

Will you have the heart to live lifelong renounce everything and to follow Christ and His cross?

#44 & 45 Aspirant Dollinger

Matt. 16:24 May 30, 1847

Let us therefore take to heart what He so lovingly tells us: "He who does not renounce all cannot be My disciple"

#714 * My dearly.

Matt. 16:26 August 29, 1843

What will it profit me if I win the whole world and suffer the loss of my own soul.

#445 Archbisthop of Munich

Matt. 16:26 February 14, 1872

What would it profit us to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of our soul?

#4664 Pastor in St. Louis

Matt. 17:1 March 17, 1877

So again we are walking the way of the Cross, but Calvary leads to Tabor.

#5231 Sister Leodegar

Matt. 18:1-4 1847

never let us forget the love Jesus had for children.

#714 * Sisters

Matt. 18:5 December 28, 1856

In view of the fact that you do to Him whatever you do for His little ones in Laufen, He will do good for all of you, dear Sodalists, who share His work.

#2334 Women's Sodality

Matt. 18:10 February 7, 1865

You holy angels, who have been appointed as guardians to these children.

#3802 Commendation of Children to Blessed Virgin Mary

Matt. 18:10 August 20, 1862

The Holy Guardian Angels, whose feast was chosen for the opening of the branch house, will not fail to assist the sisters and children.

#3415 Pastor of Rottenburg

Matt. 18:34-35 September 24, 1824

The Master reproved the wicked servant, and ordered him to be bound hands and feet and cast into exterior darkness.

p. 14-15 Retreat Notes

Matt. 18:34-35 May 30, 1847

May no one share the fate of the unjust steward in the gospel.

#714 * Dearly beloved companion sisters in Jesus

Matt. 19:13-15 July 30, 1859

Let your souls be enamored of love for those to whom the Lord said, "Come to me". He blessed them.

#2940 Novices

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