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Woman of the Word
Mother Theresa and the Use of Scripture in Her Letters

Scripture in Letters - Matthew, 4 of 6:

Each citation has the following:

  • Scripture Text Cited, Date of Letter or NA ( Not Available)
  • Text from Letter Itself
  • Number of Letter
  • Recipient of Letter

Matt. 11:30 September 7, 1855

make the yoke sweet and the burden light.

#2018 Pastor of Neustadt

Matt. 11:30 September 18, 1858

His grace, sweeten and lighten the heavy burden of your new pastoral office

#2703 Reverend Father

Matt. 11:30 December 31, 1872

May the yoke of the Lord be sweet and his burden light

#4757 Abbot of Scheysin

Matt. 12:25 1859

A kingdom divided against itself cannot endure

#3006 Entire Congregation

Matt. 12:25 Before 1859

A kingdom divided against itself already bears the seed of destruction within

#2784 & #2785 Entire Congregation

Matt. 12:25 1872

However, a kingdom divided against itself destroys itself

p. 2583 All Houses

Matt. 12:28 October 30, 1878

If the work becomes heavy and difficult, the divine Bridegroom says from the tabernacle, "Come to Me all you who labor and are burdened; I will refresh you."

#5328 Sisters in Altenbuch

Matt. 13:22 January 12, 1855

Will you please help us pray that the good seed may not be choked by the thornbushes of evil inclinations.

#1826 Dean of Ernstkirchen

Matt. 13:23 April 2, 1854

May this seed, with the help of God, develop and become strong

#1636 Reverend Dean

Matt. 13:23 July 6, 1856

If the Lord bestows growth and blessing on the seeds sown

#2193 Prince Lowenstein

Matt. 13:23 October 21, 1857

to teach and train the dear children for time and eternity, that the good seed may find fertile soil and yield abundant fruit.

#2477 Pastor of Velden

Matt. 13:23 August 4, 1859

May the tiny tree which we are planting in your diocese grow into a tree of life; may it blossom and bear fruit a hundredfold.

#2946 Bishop of Temesvar

Matt. 13:23 June 16, 1861

May he also grant that the seed which they have sown may bear good fruit

#3264 Baroness von Beckendorf

Matt. 13:23 February 15, 1868

You are sowing a seed which will bring forth fruit a hundredfold, sweet fruit for which later generations will praise you as the originator of this project

#4239 Reverend Pastor


Matt. 13:23 April 15, 1871

But we must never show ourselves unwilling to work, so that the seedlings of the divine word sown in us may be nourished in good ground and brought to fruition.

#4554 Children of God

Matt. 13:25 June 13, 1858

The enemy sought to sow tares among the wheat when all men were asleep

#2632 Reverend Dean of Ebersdorf

Matt. 13:31 November 15, 1855

as from a small mustard seed, a motherhouse may eventually evolve

#2054 Bishop of Csanad-Temesvar

Matt. 13:31 December 16, 1855

I hope that the foundation in Warburg can prosper, and that a sturdy tree can grow from the little mustard seed.

#2027 Pastor of Warburg

Matt. 13:31 May 12, 1856

that with God's blessing the mustard seed will grow into a tree and will spread its branches to other places.

#2163 Reverend Rector

Matt. 13:31 January 7, 1857

and from the small mustard seed a tree will gradually develop, bearing much fruit.

#2345 Reverend Wucher

Matt. 13:31 January 20, 1857

and from the mustard seeds a tree with many branches may grow

#2350 Dean of Steisslingen

Matt. 13:31 November 15, 1858

May it please God that the mustard seed dropped twenty-five years ago.

#2759 Father Anton Megringer

Matt. 13:31 February 26, 1861

The mustard seed has become a tree.

#3233 Cardinal of Vienna

Matt. 13:31 March 29, 1865

Even though we have only two houses in the diocese, we hope it may please God to expand it like mustard seeds.

#3841 Bishop of Freiburg

Matt. 13:31-32 March 8, 1841

your gracious majesty provides . with a motherhouse near the royal palace, so that like a tree transplanted to better soil, it becomes stronger, spreads out its branches over the entire kingdom till the poor children of men come to rest in its shadow and refresh themselves with its fruit

#246 King Louis

Matt. 13:31 NA

If God grants His blessing, the institute, though only a mustard seed, will be blessed and upon this everything depends.

#720 Bishop

Matt. 13:31-32 May 18, 1854

May the Almighty grant that from Breslau, the cradle of the Order in Silesia, a huge tree, under whose shadow the dear little ones may rest and enjoy themselves, may develop from the mustard seed.

#1664 Reverend Gaerth (Breslau)

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