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Scripture in Letters - Matthew, 2 of 6:

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Matt. 5:7 March 27, 1855

Surely the dear Lord of heaven and earth who said, "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy," will know how to reward you for all.

#1887 Sisters of Charity- Brede

Matt. 5:7 December 7, 1874

Blessed are the merciful, this sentence of the Lord compensates and lets us see the crown for those who persevere in His service.

#5005 Sisters of Charity - Germany

Matt. 5:8 September 10, 1831

Who preserve a pure heart

P. 29-30, #11 Retreat Notes

Matt. 5:10-12 November 1, 1835

Blessed shall you be if for my sake, the world hate and persecute you. Your reward shall be very great in heaven.

#38 Frederica Ringseis

Matt. 5:11-12 May 30, 1847

Be glad and rejoice, if you are persecuted for My Name's sake, your reward will be great in heaven.

#714 * My dearly...

Matt. 5:10-12 January 26, 1874

and for Jesus' sake, suffering reproach and persecution.

#4893 Bishop of Breslau

Matt. 5:13 c. 1834

To me as to the priest apply the words, ' the salt of the earth.'

#29 Reflections

Matt. 5:13 May 30, 1847

How important that is; moreover, how such an inquisitive soul pours herself out, becomes empty and desolate, and loses her strength as salt does, and is no longer good for anything..

#714 * My dearly loved.

Matt. 5:15 April 5, 1857

and as a light on the candlestick enlightens all, both near and far, will shine in eternity as a fearless confessor of Jesus

#2386 Archbishop of Freiburg

Matt 5:16 March 3, 1863

Let your light shine so that all may see it and praise your Father who is in heaven.

#3520 Novices of Gorizia

Matt. 5:39 September 10, 1831

In disagreeable circumstances she yields willingly, mindful of the words of our Lord, 'to turn the other cheek' and to pray for those who have offended her.

p. 30-31, #12 Humility Retreat Notes

Matt. 5:39 December 8, 1850

Let us promote peace in our hearts, and in our convents. Even though some one should strike us on our cheek, let us nevertheless cherish peace, and willingly offer the other cheek.

#949 Entire Congregation

Matt. 5:48 October 1, 1823

"walk before me and be perfect. You must, therefore, be perfect just as your heavenly Father is perfect."

p. 3 Retreat Notes


Matt. 5:48 May 30, 1847

"Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect."

#714 * My dearly loved companion sisters in Jesus

Matt. 5:48 July 30, 1859

Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

#2941 Postulants

Matt. 6:19 May 30, 1847

Which like the moth damaging clothes, permeates our soul.

#714 * My dearly loved.

Matt. 6:19 March 3, 1858

"Miss Fanny you are walking in her footsteps (St. Frances). in order to gather treasures for heaven which no thief can steal, nor moth destroy."

#2566 Frances Schwarz

Matt. 6:23 May 30, 1847

"When the eye is weak the whole body is weak."

#714 * To: My dearly beloved

companion sisters in Jesus

Matt. 6:24 September 25, 1824

Man has only one heart, and this heart is so fashioned that it either loves God or mammon.

p. 16-17 Retreat Notes

Matt. 6:25-26 November 16, 1836

Indeed his words are forever true,

'Do not worry about what you shall eat, or wherewith you shall be clothed, for your heavenly Father knows what you need, even before you ask. Our merciful Father, who clothes the flowers so beautifully, and feeds the birds, does not forget his orphans either.

#75 Emilie Lindner, artist

Matt. 6:26 May 30, 1847

No more than the birds in the air and the flowers in the field need we be anxious, because the good Lord Jesus Himself will look after us for the best. He will provide clothing and food for us.

#714 * My dearly.

Matt. 6:25-26 December 22, 1847

The rich Lord of heaven and earth who feeds the birds of the air and clothes the flowers of the field, will not let His poor handmaids who serve his beloved poor, perish.

#728 Father Siegert

Matt. 6:25, 34 August 26, 1836

our holy founder warned us, not to worry about the next day, as to what we should eat or drink lest God leave us to our own devices.

#60 Bishop of Ratisbon

Matt. 6:33 1859

Let us seek first of all the kingdom of God, then everything else will come with it!

#3007 Entire Congregation


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