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Woman of the Word
Mother Theresa and the Use of Scripture in Her Letters

Scripture in Letters - Matthew, 1 of 6:

Each citation has the following:

  • Scripture Text Cited, Date of Letter or NA ( Not Available)
  • Text from Letter Itself
  • Number of Letter
  • Recipient of Letter

Matt. 2:10 April 3, 1863

Let us follow the guidance of this Star (Holy Rule) faithfully, as once the Magi from the East followed the guiding star.

#3537 Srs. Juliana, Augustina, Taciana

Matt. 2:10-12 January 5, 1868

Like the Wise Men of the East, you, gracious Lady Countess, have brought to the crib of the Divine Child a gift for the Poor School Sisters, as the three holy kings once did.

#4308 Lady Countess of Vienna

Matt. 4:2 Before January, 1859

Our dear Lord and Savior Jesus, for our sake, fasted and prayed in the desert forty days and nights.

#2780 Entire Congregation

Matt. 4:2 February 2, 1861

Our dear Lord and Savior Jesus fasted and prayed forty days and nights in the desert for our sake.

#3222 Entire Congregation

Matt. 4:4 April 17, 1850
(Dt. 8:3)

That man does not live by bread alone but the strength of the Lord is my consolation.

#882 Pastor of Stamsried

Matt. 4:17 May 30, 1847

"Do penance," exclaimed the Lord Jesus loudly before all the world at the beginning of His teaching career. "The kingdom of God is at hand." Yes, O Jesus, You spoke the truth.

#714 * My Dearly beloved companion sisters in Jesus

Matt. 4:35-41 May 30, 1871

Christ that he may guide his Holiness over the tempestuous waves, as once he guided St. Peter over the waters of Genesareth.

#4564 Cardinal Clarelli


Matt. 4:38 1866

We shall, therefore, humbly plead with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, as did the disciples during the storm at sea.

#4050 Entire Congregation

Matt. 5:1-10 October 30, 1878

Then the third part of the Magnificat will be realized in us: all generations will call us blessed, as they are found in the eight beatitudes; the poor in spirit, with them we shared our bread, Grant that we may one day sing the beautiful Magnificat with the dear mother of God."

#5328 Sisters in Altenbuch

Matt. 5:3 September 25, 1824

For this reason (desire for supreme simplicity) Christ could fittingly proclaim in the Sermon on the Mount, "How happy are the poor in spirit; theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

p. 16-17 Retreat Notes

Matt. 5:3 January 12, 1855

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

#1826 Dean of Ernstkirchen

Matt. 5:4 September 24, 1824

Oh, how true is the word of Jesus: blessed are the meek.

p. 14-15 Retreat Notes

Matt. 5:6 September 10, 1931

The lovers of poverty and those who practice it, the mild and peaceful, those who suffer hunger and thirst in and for the love of God.

p. 29-30, #11 Retreat Notes

Matt. 5:6 February 15, 1867

The superior replied, "Good, we shall eat those and then rejoice at being considered worthy to suffer hunger in the service of the Lord."

#4120 Cardinal Protector Clarelli

Matt. 5:7 September 10, 1831

and do devout penance, the merciful

p. 29-30, #11 Retreat Notes
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