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Mother Theresa and the Use of Scripture in Her Letters

Scripture in Letters - Luke: 3 of 3

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Luke 21:2 November 2, 1853

If the Lord accepted with pleasure the small coin of the widow placed in the temple treasury, how much more will he be pleased to receive the gift that your Excellency has placed in the hands of his representative.

#1496 Mr. Bell of Neumarkt

Luke 21:2 January 29, 1855

Please God, the establishment of a novitiate in Silesia may be accomplished soon, so that we can contribute our mite for the training of youth.

#1836 Bishop of Breslau

Luke 21:2 March 8, 1855

How could we now do otherwise than unite with your Reverence in praising God, and contributing our mite, so that God's work can finally be completed.

#1873 Pastor of Legau

Luke 21:2 September 7, 1855

We, too, will add our mite.

#2018 Pastor of Neustadt

Luke 21:2 November 15, 1855

It would be most pleasing to us to be able to contribute a mite for the honor of God.

#2053 Bishop of Csanad

Luke 21:2 February 27, 1856

.to which we can add our mite.

#2116 Pastor of Hienheim

Luke 21:2 NA

If the Lord so wills that we, the Poor School Sisters, contribute our mite.

#2185 Reverend Father Spiritual

Luke 21:2 December 28, 1856

May it be a source of consolation to you that you place your mite before the Lord, and thus reap such a rich reward.

#2334 Women's Sodality

Luke 21:2 April 8, 1861

sisters, supported with the grace of God contribute their mite.

#3242 Bishop of Csanad - Temesvar

Luke 21:2 March 21, 1864

We offer to supply the furnishings for the bedrooms of the factory girls so that we, too, can contribute our mite.

#3650 Countess von Freiss- Vienna

Luke 21:2 October 27, 1864

Kindly accept the enclosed mite from the Poor School Sisters as an offering of love and gratitude.

#3748 Holy Father via "Your Eminence"

Luke 21:2 December 26, 1867

Like the poor widow in the Gospel we bring our Peter's pence.

#4220 Holy Father


Luke 21:18 April 21, 1868

God only knows what the end will be; our consolation rests in the thought that His Holy Providence watches over us, and that no hair will fall from our heads against His adorable will.

#4255 Cardinal Protector Clarelli

Luke 21:18 1872

Far from us to be terrified over this, rather, let us place our entire trust in God, without whose will not one hair falls from our head.

#4760 All Houses

Luke 22:27 1859

As brides of the derided, suffering Savior, we join with the women who wept and grieved. We are misjudged by the world.

#3006 Entire Congregation in America

Luke 22:27 April 3, 1863

The Lord Jesus will pour trust, peace and joy into our hearts as once he rewarded the pious women who wept for Him on Good Friday and Saturday,

#3537 Srs. Juliana, Augustina, Taciana

Luke 22:42-43 July 3, 1873

we must accept the decision and say, "Thy will be done."

#4819 Reverend Hofensteiner

Luke 23:34 1835

When we dismiss individuals such as these as unsuitable, the ignorant populace cry out against us violently. God forgive them for they know not what they do.

#38 Frederica Ringseis

Luke 23: 34 May 30, 1847

after the example of Jesus Who on the cross prayed for His enemies.

#714 * My dearly loved.

Luke 23:46 September 23, 1824

Father, into your hands I commit my Spirit.

p. 9-10 Retreat Notes

Luke 24:26 August 28, 1878

if it was necessary that Christ should suffer in order to enter into his glory, it is also necessary that those who follow him, especially those who want to live intimately with him enter their glory by the same path.

#5323 Entire Congregation

Luke 24:32 April 3, 1863

The Lord will pour trust, peace and joy . . . and the young men who went to Emmaus

#3537 Srs. Juliana, Augustina, Taciana

? December 31, 1870

But man proposes and God disposes

#4517 Entire Congregation

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