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Woman of the Word
Mother Theresa and the Use of Scripture in Her Letters

Scripture in Letters - Luke: 2 of 3

Each citation has the following:

  • Scripture Text Cited, Date of Letter or NA ( Not Available)
  • Text from Letter Itself
  • Number of Letter
  • Recipient of Letter

Luke 6:48 December 29, 1857

The Lord wished the foundation to be laid deep, so that His house may stand more firmly and prove more enduring for the future.

#2527 Bishop of Csanad

Luke 7:38 c. 1834

or resting at your feet with Magdalen I shall seek my consolation there

#29 Reflections

Luke 7:38 October 15, 1869

If in our wretchedness, we have sometimes stumbled, let us correct the false steps, like Magdalen blot out our stains through tears of loving contrition.

#4380 Sister Mary Richards

Luke 9:23 1870

Let us take up our cross and follow after Jesus.

#2464 Spiritual Children in America

Luke 9:23 NA

Let us daily take up our cross and follow after Jesus.

#4520 Dear Spiritual Children in America

Luke 9:62 October 15, 1869

We shall once more put our hand to the plow and never look back to the sorrowful vale of the world, but with steady eyes strive toward our sublime goal, so that we may happily reach it.

#4380 Sister Mary Richards

Luke 10:16 February 4, 1841

I recognize in your Reverence a servant of Jesus of whom He Himself said, "Who hears you hears me."

#241 Reverend Fuchs at Spalt

Luke 10:39 c. 1834

or resting at your feet with Magdalen I shall seek and find my consolation there.

p. 48 #29 Retreat Reflections

Luke 10:40 February 25, 1855

But let us not forget, dear Theophila, the interior devotion of Mary in the exterior business of Martha; let us rest from time to time at the feet of Jesus.

#1862 Sister Theophila, Baltimore

Luke 11:28 September 10, 1831

those who hear the word of God and devoutly follow it

p. 29-30 #11 Retreat Notes

Luke 12:31 January 10, 1858

At the same time I pray the dear Lord may guide all things for the best, for those who seek only God's kingdom and His justice, all things work together unto good.

#2540 Widow Joanna

Luke 12:32 September 24, 1824

Fear not, little flock.

p. 13-14 Retreat Notes

Luke 14:10 September 24, 1824

and elect to be last.

p. 13-14 Retreat Notes


Luke 15:7 c. 1834

Rather, I shall rejoice greatly when you seek and find and through me make holy what had been lost.

p. 48 #29 Retreat Notes

Luke 15:4-7 c. 1834

Her motherly concern embraces all and perhaps she is more concerned for those who stray from the right path. In this she is like the Good Shepherd who leaves the ninety-nine to seek the lamb that was lost!

#29 Reflections

Luke 15:7 c. 1834

Oh how the shepherd rejoices over the lamb that was found.

#29 Reflections

Luke 15:21 c.1834

If the child returns repentant, the mother receives it as the merciful father in the gospel received the prodigal son who was lost but returned.

#29 Reflections

Luke 16:2 September 10, 1831

Give an account of your stewardship.

p. 32, Humility #13 Retreat Notes

Luke 16:19-31 September 10, 1831

"What heat, what thirst", cried Dives, and he received not even a drop of cool water or a second's relief.

p. 29 #12 on "Hell" Retreat Notes

Luke 17:10 September 10, 1831

In her faithful performance she considers herself a useless servant.

p. 3

Luke 17:13 September 23, 1824

Therefore with.and the lepers in the gospels I cry, "Jesus, Jesus, have mercy on me"

p. 11-12 Retreat Notes

Luke 18:14 September 10, 1831

Oh God, have mercy on me a poor sinner

p. 32 #13 Humility Retreat Notes

Luke 19:9 November 17, 1869

as He once did on Zacheus, and address to them also the consoling words: "Today I will come into your house."

#4390 Archbishop of Csanad Temesvar

Luke 19:10 July 22, 1861

as our dear Lord Himself came to seek sinners and not the just.

#3268 Reverend Hoermann of Poxau

Luke 19:10 January, 1871

Did not our Lord also come to seek and save what was lost?

#4534 Confessor at Neunburg

Luke 19:17 November 2, 1862

I would also like to entrust to your hearts a motherly work namely, to be faithful in little things.

#3467 Novices of Gorizia

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