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Scripture in Letters - Luke: 1 of 3

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  • Text from Letter Itself
  • Number of Letter
  • Recipient of Letter

Luke 1:28 November 15, 1877

"And the Virgin's name was Mary,"

#5304 Novices of Baltimore

Luke 1:37 March 13, 1843

With God all things are possible

#413 Pastor of Marktheidenfeld

Luke 1:37 December 18, 1864

With you, Oh Lord, all things are possible.

#3768 Archbishop of Munich

Luke 1:46 July 3, 1841

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God, my Savior, who in His mercy and power has granted us a motherhouse.

#268 President of City Council

Luke 1:46-48 June 13, 1854

"My soul magnifies the Lord, for God has looked graciously on us, Poor School Sisters."

#1677 Archbishop of Munich

Luke 1:46-48 March 26, 1855

"Our souls magnify the Lord, because He has regarded the lowliness of His handmaids

#1886 Reverend Gaerth of Breslau

Luke 1:46 December 23, 1865

My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God, my Savior.

#3972 Archbishop of Munich

Luke 1:47 c.1876

He has done great things to us, his lowly handmaids.

#5210 Children of God in Milwaukee

Luke 1:47ff October 30, 1878

I know of nothing better than to recommend for your consideration the beautiful words of the Magnificat

#5328 Sisters in Altenbuch

Luke 1:48

Thank him, therefore, praise him above all, for he does great things for us, his lowly handmaids.

#4523 Novices of Gorizia

Luke 1:48 November 21, 1876

She herself assures us in her beautiful hymn of praise, the Magnificat: "He has looked down upon the lowliness of His servant girl."

#5199 Final Vow Class- Temesvar

Luke 2:6 August 4, 1836

He has taken us into Bethlehem for the time being, that we may be unnoticed and hidden.

#58 Lady von Ringseis

Luke 2:6 December 28, 1840

May the Infant who has outgrown his crib find for us poor ones a shelter in which to live

#236 Minister Von Abel

Luke 2:6 June 18, 1848

This is how we fare in this country. But it is not as hard as it was for the Infant Jesus, who was refused everywhere, found no welcome and was born in a stable.

#734 Reverend M. Siegert

Luke 2:6 April 3, 1849

Christ Himself began His life in a stable and heaven and earth are at His command.

#780 Dr. Mast, Rottenburg

Luke 2:6- November 11, 1863

Christ, Our Lord, came to the world in a stable, and lay in a manger, because there was no room in the inn

#3613 priest of London


Luke 2:6,15 (Matt. 2:11) Dec. 31, 1870

Let us in these days, especially, go to the crib of Jesus with the poor shepherds and the holy wise men, with them offer our homage and sacrifice, so that we may share the peace of God which the angels announced on the plains of Bethlehem to those who are of good will.

#4517 Entire Congregation

Luke 2:7 September 12, 1839

Rather we shall begin small and poor, even as Our Lord in the stable at Bethlehem

#151 Burgomaster of Altomunster

Luke 2:8 February 26, 1861

The birthplace of our dear Lord in Bethlehem.

#3233 Cardinal of Vienna

Luke 2:14 December 13, 1853

May the Divine Savior on His approaching birthday, give you such heavenly peace as the angels announced to those of good will.

#1536 Mr. Bell of Neumarkt

Luke 2:29 June 9, 1859

With Simeon I cry out with deep consolation, "Now Lord you have kept your promise! You may let your servant go in peace."

#2912 Entire Congregation

Luke 2:29 December 23, 1865

With Simeon, the holy old man, I would like to cry out, "Now I will gladly die, because I have lived to see this."

#3972 Archbishop of Munich

Luke 2:46;48 September 25, 1870

The Divine Wisdom, who 1800 years ago as a Child, won the Victory in the temple at Jerusalem, has also in our day triumphed over the sophistry of the world in Hungary.

#4485 To Bishop of Csanad (Hungary)

Luke 2:49-50 NA

Therefore, with Jesus, announce to all secular acquaintances, relatives and friends, "Do you not know that I must be about that which belongs to my Jesus?" Say farewell to all of them.

#4523 Novices of Gorizia

Luke 2:49-50 c. 1876

Do you not know that I must be concerned with the things of Jesus?

#5210 Children of God in Milwaukee

Luke 2:51 c. 1834

The more united and loving we should and must be within our houses, living like the holy family at Nazareth among ourselves and with each other.

#4405 Entire Congregation

Luke 5:5 February 15, 1868

He does not let our confidence go unrewarded, if we throw out our nets in the name of Jesus.

#4239 Reverend Pastor

Luke 6:26 May 30, 1847

Woe to you if men speak well of you, they have done this to the false prophets too.

#714 * My dearly.

Luke 6:38 March 8, 1841

will certainly reward you here and hereafter, with "full measure, shaken down and overflowing," for all you have done for us, the very least of His children.

#246 King Louis of Bavaria

Luke 6:38 May 30, 1847

As we measure to others, so the dear Lord will measure to us.

#714 * Dearly loved companions in Jesus

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