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Mother Theresa and the Use of Scripture in Her Letters

Scripture in Letters - John: 3 of 3

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John 17:18-19 November 23, 1877

"Be God-fearing, remain true to one another, and persevere in the difficult time of the present and future. Peace will come again."

#5311 Entire Congregation

John 17:21 October 2, 1823

Every new union with him creates a new hunger, a hunger that is itself a new peace because the Beloved and I are one.

p. 5 Retreat Notes

John 17:21 Before 1859

but that true love of God and neighbor will fasten our hearts to the Heart of Christ and make us one in Him.

#2784 & 2785 Entire Congregation

John 17:21 March 3, 1863

We must all of us remain as one, as sisters, just as the Lord is one with the faithful.

#3520 Novices in Gorizia

John 18:10 NA

Let us not join in the complaints and invectives against authority, for they who draw the sword shall perish by the sword.

#4405 Entire Congregation

John 19:25 December 7, 1834

We do not have a picture of Our Lady, Mother of Sorrows, but we expect to receive one of Mary and John standing under the cross, and these, with the images now above the tabernacle, complete our altar.

#25 Frederica von Ringseis

John 19:25 c.1834

Thus I shall love creatures only for your sake, and standing with Mary beneath the cross.or resting at your feet with Magdalen (Luke 7:28) I shall seek and find my consolation there.

#29 Reflections

John 19:25 c.1834

"As a fervent daughter of Mary, the most holy Virgin, I must serve him, not rule; with Mary I shall remain in contemplative prayer at the crib (Luke 2:6) and under the cross, serving Christ in all, loving him in all, and crucified to all that is not his will."

#29 Reflections

John 19:25 1852

I often visualize the Blessed Virgin standing beneath the cross as I meditate on the words, 'she stood' .

#1250 Doctor Schels

John 19:25 October 20, 1853

Now, however, your 'mater dolorosa' comes, who even though unworthy has stood faithfully at the foot of the Cross.

#1490 Reverend Gaerth of Breslau


John 19:25 May 18, 1854

Our sorrowful Mother whose hand has guided us meaningfully to this part of Prussia, stands by the Cross. It befits us her daughters, to gather around her, for where the Cross is, Christ is not far distant.

#1664 To:Reverend Gaerth of Breslau

John 19:25 June 9, 1859

On this solemn occasion, let me offer my deepest gratitude to all the sisters who persevered during all this time of suffering, standing faithfully with me at foot of the cross; who were not deceived either by scorn or derision from without, nor by infidelity and desertion from within, but remained loyal to the Generalate in complete affection and devotion."

#2912 Entire Congregation

John 19:25-27 February 7, 1865

We unite with Joachim and Anna offering you in the temple; with the offering you made to the heavenly Father of your divine Son on the Cross, with the offering He made of you to John.

#3802 Commendation of the Children to the Blessed Virgin Mary

John 19:25 December 20, 1856

I beg you to continue to support the sisters with your good prayers, that they may always be true followers of the Crucified and not run away from the Cross.

#2323 Pastor of Neumarkt

John 19:25 Before January 1859

On the feast of the Sorrowful Mother the Sisters who do heavy work should remain fasting until noon, on Good Friday until afternoon and on Saturdays until noon.

#2780, 18 Circular to all

John 19:25 February 2, 1861

The feast of the Sorrowful Mother and Good Friday we will spend in loving memory of the sufferings of Jesus and Mary, placing ourselves beneath the cross with Mary in every painful situation.

#3222 Entire Congregation

John 20:17 September 25, 1824

"Do not touch me," he said to Mary Magdalen. "Do not cling to me, for I have not yet risen to my Father."

p. 16-17 Retreat Notes

John 21:19 September 24, 1824

[After this he said, "Follow me."]

O Jesus, I resolve in your presence to follow you alone.

p. 12-13 Retreat Notes

John 19:25 1872

We will not shrink from the dear cross which faces us, for where the cross is, Christ is near.

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