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Mother Theresa and the Use of Scripture in Her Letters

Scripture in Letters - John: 1 of 3

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John 1:11 October 4, 1856

It is like our Redeemer, Who came into the world and the world received Him not. All the works of God proceed slowly and in pain; therefore their roots are sturdier, and their flowering the lovelier.

#2277 Frances Schwarz

John 2:5 June 9, 1859

Do whatever he tells you.

#2905 Entire Congregation

John 2:5 June 9, 1859

We can best show our gratitude in living this Holy Rule, trying to do everything as perfectly as possible, striving as our Blessed Lady warns: to do whatever He tells us.

#2912 Entire Congregation

John 2:3-4 January 15, 1860

Our Lady, the immaculately conceived will ask her divine Son to help, since the wine is running short.

#3020 Bishop of Brixin

John 2:4 January, 1871

The Blessed Mother whom you honor with such childlike devotion will provide as she did at Cana, that the wine of heavenly consolation, enlightenment and strength will not run out.

#4534 Confessor at Neunberg

John 2:5, 25? February 18, 1871

children shall be taught the special meaning of church feasts, i.e. Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, May devotion, especially veneration of the Mother of God.

#4537 NA

John 3:14-15 September 24, 1824

Jesus says, He who believes is already saved.

p. 12-13 Retreat Notes

John 4:34 September 23, 1824

O Jesus, you who witnessed through your life and death that your food was to do the will of the Father.

p. 9-10 Retreat Notes

John 5:40-44 May 30, 1847

.for the Lord himself says, "How can you have faith since you accept honors from each other?"

#714 * Dearly Beloved Companion

Sisters in Jesus

John 9:4 September 10, 1831

Let us do good while we have time, and it is day.

p. 32 #13 Humility Retreat Notes

John 10:11 September 12, 1859

May Jesus, the Good Shepherd, give you strength and wisdom.

#2967 Bishop of Augsburg

John 10:11 February 17, 1863

We also appreciate the patience with which you have borne their (SSND's) faults and weakness, and for the goodness with which you have time and again led them back to the Good Shepherd, our Lord Jesus Christ.

#3513 Canon of Cathedral

John 10:14 September 24, 1824

Give me but your love and your grace, humility and spiritual strength for penance that I may give witness and prove that I am a sheep, a lamb that belongs to you, my good Shepherd.

p. 16 #3 On Patience Retreat Notes


John 10:14 March 3, 1863

Give your heart to your superiors like a child to its mother; let yourselves be led like blind men by their guide, like sheep by their shepherd for the sake of the Lord.

#3520 Novices of Gorizia

John 12:24 1833

If the grain of wheat does not fall into the ground and die, it remains alone; when, however, it has died, it will bring forth much fruit."

p. 35 #16 Reflection on use of time

John 13:1 c.1834

Then I shall love all my enemies as you, Divine Savior, loved Judas.

#29 Reflections

John 13:34 October 30, 1878

.the peacemakers, because we have chosen the common life in order that by conciliation and friendship, by sisterly love and patient endurance of the faults of others, we might fulfill the new commandment which the Lord has given us.

#5328 Sisters in Altenbuch

John 13:35 May 30, 1847

This is the sign by which we will be recognized as perfect religious, disciples and brides of Christ, that we love one another after the example of Jesus.

#714 * My dearly loved.

John 13:35 December 8, 1850

This love is the criterion which will convince the world that our faith is united in Jesus, that we belong to Jesus, that we are His disciples and followers.

#949, 6 Entire Congregation

John 13:35 January 23, 1854

He (Holy Father) expects us to grow from virtue to virtue, and to live with one another in sisterly love, so that the world may know we are disciples of Christ.

#1581 Sisters

John 13:35 c. 1869

Then even our enemies will testify for us, as the pagans once said of the first Christians: See how they love one another.

#4405 Entire Congregation

John 13:34-35 NA

Love one another as Jesus has loved us all, so that the world may know that you are his disciples, that you dedicate yourself to him, that you belong to Jesus

#4523 Novices of Gorizia

John 13:35 c. 1876

Love one another as Jesus loves us all, so that the world will know you are his disciples

#5210 Children of God in Milwaukee

John 14:6 May 30, 1847

"May He be the Way you walk, the Truth you follow, the Life you lead."

#714 * To: all sisters

John 14:6 December 29, 1856

May He ever be the Way along which you walk, the Truth and the Life.

#2324 Your Lordship

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