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Scripture in Letters - Job: Isaiah


Isaiah 30:15 Job

An excellent penance, most pleasing to God, is furthermore, the restraint of the tongue. Be assiduous therefore, in the observance of silence. "In silence and in hope shall your strength be."

p. 49 Mortification Sisters

Isaiah 32:17 Job

"The work of justice shall be peace, and the service of justice quietness and security forever."

p. 50 Silence Sisters


Isaiah 40:4 Job

But the intimate union was not alone visible in spiritual matters and exercise; it showed itself as well in their external affairs; it removed mountains, brought hills low, filled up the valleys, made the rough ways plain and the crooked straight."

p. 27 Sisterhood Sisters

Isaiah 49:15 Job

In time and eternity, I shall be mindful before God of this new Religious Institution, commending it to His paternal goodness. "Can a mother forget her infant? And if she could forget, yet will I not forget" you, Poor School Sisters, nor forget your school.

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