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Genesis 1:3 August 5, 1869

Will you continue to pray in union with us that the dear Lord may send his creative word also into this chaos?

#4359 Reverend Father of Poxau


Genesis 1:27 Before 1859

You should look upon one another as images of God.

#2784 Entire Congregation


Genesis 3:6 May 30, 1847

Our first mother, Eve, has left us an example which should be a warning to us. Into what misery has not her inquisitiveness and pride plunged her and all of us.

#714 * My dearly loved.


Genesis 3:19 October 4, 1823

From dust it came and to dust it must return.

p. 7-8 Retreat Notes


Genesis 29:18 July 14, 1871

Jacob, the patriarch worked seven years for his cousin in order to win Rachel, and although he was disappointed at the end of the period, he served another seven years. Should the heavenly bridegroom not be worthy of a much greater preparation than a mortal bride?

#4576 Candidate Marie


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