Sturdy Roots

Case Study in Courage
Mother Caroline Friess

Family of Origins

Young Josepha Friess (Mother Caroline) was a precocious child whose French and German family provided the context for her formation. Discover facets of her personality in the four vignettes offered here: they offer quite a case study. Facilitator directions are available.

Mother Caroline's Family - is a study in cross-cultural families. This vignette gives an appreciation of her childhood and the roots of her courageous personality.

Little Caroline - was a business woman at the age of four. This vignette portrays a child who showed how persuasive she could be in financial matters.

Education of Young Caroline - exemplifies the intellectual gifts that would later serve her well as a religious leader.

Remembering Her First Communion - records the importance of Eucharist in her deepening spirituality. This experience was the root of her desire for perpetual adoration in the congregation.

Case Study in Courage
Family of Origins
Adapting the Vision
Steamboat Explosion
Letter from Margaret to Caroline
Conversation with Gerry
Lost Identity
Family of Origins Facilitator Directions

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