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Exodus 3:7-8 March 3, 1863

Be inspired by a great, holy love for your new life in the Order, a life which frees you from slavery in Egypt, and leads you to the Promised Land

#3520 Novices of Gorizia


Exodus 3:7-10NA

He has chosen you to lead out of the slavery of Egypt into the Promised Land.

#4523 Novices of Gorizia


Exodus 3:7-10 c. 1876

He has singled you out to free you from the Egyptian bondage, to lead you into the promised land

#5210 Children of God in Milwaukee


Exodus 14:15 September 20, 1866

When Moses who led the Israelites out of Egypt, had traversed the Red Sea, where the Egyptians met their death, he intoned a beautiful song of praise.

#4065 Sister Gertraud


Exodus 15:21 September 20, 1866

Then the Israelites went into the desert.

#4065 Sister Gertraud


Exodus 17:2-7, 17:11-12, 15:22-27 March 2, 1857

Your Reverence, the Moses of your parish, imploring mercy with outstretched arms.

#2366 Pastor of Heidingsfeld

Exodus 16:14 May 30, 1847

And should it come to pass that we must teach school without remuneration and should the earth cease to provide us with bread, He can let bread rain from heaven even today as He did for the Israelites in the desert.

#714 * My dearly.



Exodus 16:14 September 29, 1859

May He permit the manna which He so lavishly let fall for his children in the desert also nourish you in richest measure.

#2975 Gracious Lady


Exodus 16:14 September 20, 1866

where the Lord gave them bread from heaven.

#4065 Sister Gertraud


Exodus 17:6-7 September 20, 1866

then the Israelites went into the desert.where the Lord gave them water produced from rocks.

#4065 Sister Gertraud


Exodus 17-11 June 10, 1850

Since prayer seems doubly necessary in our distressed times, it would surely be conducive for our congregation which is rapidly spreading far and wide to have a group of sisters (similar to the brotherhoods) who like Moses on the mountain prayed with outstretched arms for the people down in the valley encountering the enemy, in order to win the fight.

#901 Archbishop of Munich


Exodus 7:11 1869

Oh, if we could only stay on our knees day and night before the Most Holy Sacrament, and like Moses raise our hands and hearts to Him, so that the Lord may intervene and send help at the right time.

#4405 Entire Congregation


Exodus 19:20 May 30, 1847

With Moses we must ascend the mountain.

#714 * My dearly beloved companion

sisters in Jesus


Exodus 33:18 April 3, 1863

Moses, through his continual nearness to God, received a participation in the wonderful glory of God which shone out in his face.

#3537 Srs. Juliana, Augustina, Taciana


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