Sturdy Roots

Living Under Communism in Europe


The Fall of the Berlin Wall, November 9, 1989 , had consequences that we are still living into today. Within the School Sisters of Notre Dame these consequences continue to unfold as sisters restructure and rebuild. This segment looks at some of those events through the lens of circular letters, written by Patricia Flynn, SSND General Superior, 1987 – 1998. They were received with faith and deep gratitude by many School Sisters of Notre Dame.

Members of the General Council visited Eastern Europe from September 10 – December 1, 1989 . Their observations are an overview of history in Europe and convey the sacredness of their visits.

In her Epiphany letter, January 15, 1990 , Patricia Flynn, SSND, shares the vision of sisters hoping for a new way of life.

Imagine the challenges and joys that faced sisters in Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland and Berlin. The unique history of Czechoslovakia, its status in 1990,and elections led to new members.
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