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The constitution of the School Sisters of Notre Dame is called You Are Sent. It is the result of congregation-wide dialogue and community living calling sisters to share the mission of Jesus through transformative education.

In reviewing the origins of You Are Sent the role of the Holy Spirit becomes evident.

In her memories of the timeline and composition of You Are Sent, Mary Luke Baldwin, SSND, gives her own sense of awe at the way this rule of life came together. It was written across cultures, as sisters struggled in various languages and with different political systems to find consensus on principles that spoke to all. The final approval on May 1, 1970 expresses some of this diversity in unity.

Twelve years later the Constitution was revised to fit the lived experience of School Sisters of Notre Dame since 1970. The Minutes of 1982 and Mary Margaret Johanning’s letter offer insight into the creative fidelity that is present in You Are Sent.

Unlike other chapters in this topic, the study of You Are Sent lends itself to a time of prayer and reflection in retreat atmosphere.

Consider taking this chapter from Creative Fidelity, prayerfully reading through each segment, and then praying the Constitution, You Are Sent as one would read scripture. Invite the Holy Spirit and Mary, Mother of the School Sisters of Notre Dame to help engage in this “refounding” moment.

Consider praying the Prologue as a prayer of gratitude for the gift of You Are Sent.

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