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“Association” with School Sisters of Notre Dame has often developed into friendships that nurtured a desire for greater collaboration and sharing of SSND spirituality and history. This dynamic has happened throughout the congregation and was officially recognized when Polish School Sisters of Notre Dame asked for affiliation of their “associates” in 1969. This was approved by the General Chapter of 1970.

The guidelines delineate benefits and responsibilities for membership as well as giving a brief history.

The Associates continue to deepen their understanding of the SSND Constitution, You Are Sent, and live their call in unique ways. A formal covenant is made annually with the respective Provincial Leader.

In sharing this spirituality and history Jody Landry and Barbara Kraus , SSND, co-directors of the Dallas Associates used three “chapters” of Sturdy Roots I, to present as a day of prayer. Their regular meetings provide a sense of SSND community and a deepening of commitment.

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