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Several independent congregations are related to the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Mary Margaret Johanning, SSND was the first General Superior to welcome the leadership of congregations with similar roots coming from Alix Le Clerc and Peter Fourier. These “Notre Dame Cousins” have often been invited to SSND events to share their heritage and spirit. The last meeting at the SSND Generalate took place in Rome, 2006. In some instances the political turmoil in Europe was the reason for founding a new community. The bonds continue to develop and this creative fidelity to Mother Theresa’s original vision is evident in the essentials that unite School Sisters of Notre Dame with our “cousins” from other congregations. In 2007, SSND representatives joined their “cousins” in France as they celebrated the 60th anniversary of the beatification of Blessed Alix Le Clerc.

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