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The invitation for School Sisters of Notre Dame to visit Rome and participate in the Jubilee Program was encouraged by many in leadership. Mother Antonice Muraski, SSND, was especially eager to have sisters make a pilgrimage to Rome to celebrate their 25th and 50th anniversaries. The English speaking renewal programs were a gift to the congregation deepening a sense of internationality. Many sisters were introduced to their European sisters as visits to Munich and other significant cities made history come alive. The European Jubilee Program was also a strengthening of SSND unity.

The data regarding participants in the English speaking renewal program is given below.

1969 – 1977, 803 sisters; 1978 – 1982, 723 sisters; 1983 – 1987, 743 sisters. By 1987, 2,269 English speaking SSNDs had been pilgrims to Rome and Munich.

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