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Acts 2:4 c1876

It is here, as once before in the supper room at Jerusalem, that the Holy Spirit pours out His heavenly consolation.

#5210 Children of God in Milwaukee

Acts 2:4 NA

where the Holy Spirit pours out heavenly graces and consolations, even today as once in the cenacle at Jerusalem

#4523 Novices of Gorizia

Acts 2:21 NA

(Name of Jesus) This it is which rescues us from our misery and from all distress.

#4523 Novices of Gorizia

Acts 2:42 1872

In quiet retirement let us, sisters and spouses of Christ, like the first Christians, joyfully in love and simplicity, persevere together, and gladly go to a martyr's death for each other.

#2583 All the Houses

Acts 3:6 NA

This name, "Jesus", brings consolation and joy to us who are sorrowing; it is heavenly remedy for us, who are sick, a remedy which heals all wounds and infirmities.

#4523 Novices of Gorizia

Acts 4:32 December 8, 1850

What should I say regarding sisterly charity which should permeate us like that of the early Christians who were of one heart and one mind.

#949, Entire Congregation

Acts 4:32 Before 1859

May God grant His grace, that the Reverend Bishops find in all our Sisters that holy love which characterized the first Christians who were of one heart and one soul.

#2783 Entire Congregation

Acts 4:32 1859

Even though we should be scattered throughout the world in various climates and cultures, let us cling to our Catholic heritage which embraces the whole world, which forms one heart and one mind: Cor unum et anima mea.

#3006 Entire Congregation





Acts 4:32 February 2, 1861

some excelling in humility, others yielding in humility, become one heart and one soul before God.

#3222 Entire Congregation

Acts 4:32 January 27, 1863

for our good priests offer themselves to their mission with one heart and soul.

#3494 Reverend Stangl

Acts 4:32 1866-7

As necessary as it would seem, during our troubled times, to come together for retreat in order to renew our spirit and to unite ourselves very closely with God, so that being one heart and one soul as the community of the first Christians.

#4104 Congregation

Acts 4:32 May 3, 1868

If only you had sent us a few sisters when we asked than our dual purpose would have been fulfilled. We might have trained these sisters in the spirit of the constitution, and then sent them back to America to continue working there. They would then be able to help you carry the burden since they would be one with us in mind and heart.

#4262 Mother Caroline

Acts 4:32 NA

Be always of one heart and mind, like the first Christians who edified pagans and Jews and led them to Christianity.

#4523 Novices of Gorizia

Acts 4:32 c.1876

Be of one heart and one mind as the first Christians were

#5210 Children of God in Milwaukee

Acts 5:4 May 30, 1847

therefore we are now obliged to practice holy poverty if we do not want to encounter the same misfortune of eternal death that befell Ananias and Sapphira

#714 * My dearly loved sisters.

Acts 12: 5-11 May 30, 1847

keep firmly united, do as the first Christians did when Peter was once in prison for the sake of Jesus. They prayed for him to the Almighty with one voice day and night, and his fetters fell off.

#714 * My dearly loved sisters.

Acts 12:5-11 January 26, 1874

we bring our fervent prayer as did the first Christians, when their head, Peter, lay in chains from which the angels freed him.

#4893 Bishop of Breslau


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