Sturdy Roots

The Founding Mothers and Fathers of The School Sisters of Notre Dame

The Holy Trinity

The Living Word of God has found willing hearts in the Foundresses/Founders of religious congregations. They have received this Word through creation, the sacred scriptures of all the world religions, and particularly, the Hebrew-Christian Scriptures.

For the Founding persons of the School Sisters of Notre Dame the central figure is Jesus. What delineates Roman Catholic religious communities from their counterparts in other world religions is their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

As one meets Jesus there is a desire to know him better, to understand his way of life, to follow his code of behavior. Receiving this Word for many has meant conversion of life, dedication to God and a renewed desire to create a community of mutual love and service.

The specific Word received gives a unique character to the religious community. Because of this uniqueness a rich mosaic of religious orders/families has developed in Roman Catholic Christendom. The School Sisters of Notre Dame have focused on meeting Jesus especially through the Gospel of John.

The following is my attempt to look at the SSND Family Tree. Similar to most families we have a scrapbook of significant members. I would like (you) to include the current SSND Directory as well as those pictured here. The Living Spirit is being carried on by those listed within the current membership, as well as others who live the charism outside of legal membership in the congregation.

Reading the Gospel of John and the SSND Directory may be a fitting conclusion to your perusal of this book, remembering that Mother Caroline's favorite prayer book was the SSND Directory.

May we praise God for the gift of this SSND Family Tree.

The SSND Family Tree
The Holy Trinity
St. Anthony of the Desert
St. Augustine
St. Peter Fourier
Blessed Alix LeClerc
Bishop Michael Wittmann
Fr. Francis Sebastian Job
Blessed Mary Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger
Mother Caroline Friess
The Living Coomunity
The SSND Family Tree in Artistic Form

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