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Fine Arts Education was a Key Component Within SSND

Mother Theresa & Needlework :

Mother Theresa Gerhardinger, the German foundress of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, understood the importance of needlework in helping children learn to focus their attention. She had witnessed the discipline of following directions, of struggling to learn eye-hand motor coordination, resulting in increased self-esteem for children. She was carrying on her German culture's appreciation of the role of needlework in educating the whole child. Reflect on her curriculum, and note the award she acknowledged from the Bavarian government on "Raising Silkworms."

Needlework Introduction
Mother Theresa's Needlework
S. Josepha's Needlwork
Needlework in America
Student's Needlwork
Holy Rule of 1924
German Needlework Teachers
Needlwork in Missions
Needlework Today

Mother Theresa's Needlework Curriculum
Raising Silkworms

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