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Needlework Mission

Sewing for practical needs and stitching something lovely are ways of healing as well as learning a trade. Reflect on two experiences of School Sisters of Notre Dame meeting unmet needs through needlework after the 1998 hurricane Mitch in Honduras and in Paraguay in 2004. Read more about S. Charlene's experience in Paraguay.

After hurricane Mitch, the need for sewing machines to help rebuild the local economy was evident. The combined efforts of local people and generous donors brought sewing machines to Honduras. This experience can be felt by viewing a short video showing some of the struggle and joy of the participants.




Needlework Introduction
Mother Theresa's Needlework
S. Josepha's Needlwork
Needlework in America
Student's Needlwork
Holy Rule of 1924
German Needlework Teachers
Needlwork in Missions
Needlework Today

Account of Sewing Schools
Sewing Picture Montage

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