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Isaiah 7:14 August 6, 1858

When everything, everything abandons us, when life itself leaves us, God is with us. God is always and everywhere with us. Oh Emmanuel, Emmanuel!

#2664 All Sisters

Isaiah 30:15 c. 1834

"In silence and hope shall your strength be," is your word, O my God.

#29 Reflections


Isaiah 42:3 c. 1834

"I am unworthy of your grace and can so easily lose it. Because of this I wish to be filled with merciful love for the erring; and like you I shall not crush the broken reed, nor quench the smoking flax.

#29 Reflections

Isaiah 42:6 December 20, 1856

May Jesus, the world's Salvation, Light that illumines the Gentiles, Israel's pride and protection, be for you a guiding star, shining in the darkness of the valley of tears.

#2337 Dear Sir


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