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Living in Wartime
Memories of School Sisters of Notre Dame Recorded in Crisis

Background of World War II

S. Victoria Wiethaler was a young School Sister of Notre Dame whose vivid memories of Hitler and Nazi Germany form the basis for her book, “Enlarge the Space of Your Tent.”

The stories, speeches, and music included also offer insights into context of World War II.

Living In Wartime
Memories of War
Practical Advice
Background of War
German Sisters' Stories
Sister Imma Mack
Motherhouse Bombing
End of WW II
Care Packages
50 Years later
Vine & Branches Prayer

Sister Victoria's Memories
Sister Victoria's Intro to German Sister Stories
Listen to Hitler's Voice
Listen to Neville Chamberlin
Narration of Krystallnacht
Kate Smith sings God Bless America

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