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Living in Wartime
Memories of School Sisters of Notre Dame Recorded in Crisis

50 Years Later

Sister BrunhildFifty years after the death of Mother Fidelis, Sister Brunhild Teufel expressed the gratitude of Bavarian School Sisters of Notre Dame for care packages received during WW II.

The Rebuilt Motherhouse
Following WW II the Munich Motherhouse was rebuilt and functions today as the center of the Munich Province.

Attached to the present Motherhouse is a secondary school and St. James parish church.

Living In Wartime
Memories of War
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Background of War
German Sisters' Stories
Sister Imma Mack
Motherhouse Bombing
End of WW II
Care Packages
50 Years Later
Vine & Branches Prayer

S Brunhuild Audio of Letter
Text of S Brunhild Letter

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